College & Career programs
Programs in Career and Technical Education (CTE) provide an opportunity for students to explore and engage in career options, in a variety of settings, that are designed to meet individual student needs. Pathways for students to reach their learning goals are built from a wide variety of program offerings.

Our CTE programs are fully aligned to the academic standards and are delivered in a sequence with coherent and rigorous content built on a foundation of relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for the workforce.

Additionally, CTE courses within each cluster focuses on technical skill mastery, and includes:
  • competency-based applied learning that contributes to academic knowledge
  • higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • work attitudes and general employability skills and
  • occupation-specific skills
Students have the opportunity to earn industry certifications in each program of study. Business and industry leaders at the local, state and national levels recognize these credentials.