District schools awarded School Recognition Funding

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Brooksville - The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) announced that the Governor has awarded $200 million in School Recognition Awards to 1,400 schools throughout Florida that demonstrated student growth and teaching excellence during the 2021-22 school year. More than $1 million in School Recognition funds will be distributed to six Hernando schools.
Chocachatti Elementary, Pine Grove Elementary, Suncoast Elementary, Challenger K8, Winding Waters K8 and Gulf Coast Academy will receive a portion of the $1,055,144 award.

To be eligible for the award, schools must receive a school grade of “A” or improve at least one letter grade from the prior year. Each of the recognized schools will work with their individual School Advisory Council (SAC) to determine how to use its financial award. As specified in state statute, schools must use their awards for one or any combination of the following: faculty and staff bonuses; educational equipment and materials to assist in maintaining and improving student performance; or temporary personnel to assist in maintaining or improving student performance.

The School Recognition Funding, which has not been distributed in three years, came as a welcomed surprise.

"It's wonderful to see school recognition awards return and we are honored to be included in this year's list of recipients," Superintendent John Stratton said.

For further information about the School Recognition Awards, including a full list of schools receiving the awards, read the Department of Education's press release.