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Our GOAL is to foster
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The Communications and Government Relations Department is responsible for the majority of the District's internal and external communications and is the liaison between the District and the news media.

In an effort to provide media, families and the community with multiple ways to engage with Hernando County Schools and ensure access to resources and information about the school district, the Communications & Government Relations Dept. led by the Public Information Officer (PIO), coordinate the following services:

  • Prepares and disseminates correspondence with local, state and federal elected officials on matters of interest to the district and prepares regular updates prior to, during and following annual legislative sessions.
  • ​​​​​​​Prepares and disseminates timely news releases on matters of importance to a majority of school and community.  
  • Receives and processes all district-level public information requests.
  • Assists the superintendent of schools in creating and disseminating correspondence including reports, fact sheets, presentations and videos.
  • Collaborates with county’s emergency response team and other agencies of local government to support various communications activities as part of emergency management.
  • Record, edit, duplicate and disseminate video productions of select events.
  • Assist district departments in posting, updating and linking to information on the District’s website:  
  • Create and publish timely content on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  
  • Broadcast live and recorded content via local public access channel.


Karen Jordan
Director of Communications
Phone:  (352) 797-7070 ext. 129

Patrick Keough
Coordinator of Communications & Gov't. Relations
Phone: (352) 797-7070 ext. 450

Angela Shepard
Communications Specialist
Phone: (352) 797 7070 ext. 414

Phyllis Day
Digital Media Specialist
Phone (352) 797-7070 ext. 130