Government Relations

School Board Meeting

The Hernando Delegation attends the 6/25/19 School Board Meeting

The Hernando County Delegation

Wilton Simpson

Sen. Wilton Simpson
District 10

Blaise Ingoglia

Rep. Blaise Ingoglia
District 35

Ralph E. Massullo

Rep. Ralph E. Massullo, MD
District 34

Hernando County School District
2022 Session


Revise the statutory language regarding eligibility for sparsity funds to become a permanent change in law rather than an adjustment to the appropriations each year.

FUNDING REQUEST – Transportation
  • Fully fund all costs for student transportation, including funds necessary to address maintenance and replacement costs as well as the cost of transporting students to required, instructional camps during the summer.
    • Currently, Hernando School District receives approximately 50% of the necessary $8 million to transport eligible students.
  • Reduce eligibility for school transportation for elementary students to 1 mile from their zoned school.
FUNDING REQUEST – Technical College - $2,500,000

In 2021-22, the Florida Legislature invested in the expansion of the Career & Technical Programs in Hernando County. This request is to assist with increased construction costs impacting the construction industry.


Hernando School District joins in the call for expanding access to school and local community-based health services to match local needs. Hernando School District fully endorses the current effort to locate a mental health facility in Citrus County, Florida. Families in Hernando will certainly benefit from a high-quality and fully staffed facility located in a neighboring county.