Use of Social Security Numbers

Florida law provides that State agencies, including the Hernando County School Board (HCSB), must notify individuals of the circumstances that would require the collection of social security numbers. The following are the general scenarios under which the School Board must collect and use social security numbers:

  • For processing payroll and other human resource functions

  • For use in processing accounts payable and other purchasing functions

  • For use in the proper identification and background of screening employees, vendors and volunteers

  • For use in administering federal programs

  • For use in student enrollment and included as part of the student’s demographic record

Please note that this is only a general listing of the uses of social security numbers by the School Board. If an individual has a specific question or concern regarding the disclosure of their social security number, they may contact Human Resources/Payroll at 352-797-7005, Purchasing or Student Services Departments at 352-797-7008.

All individuals are advised that social security numbers are confidential and may only be released under such circumstances as set forth in Florida’s Public Records Act.