District issues timeline of events at Fox Chapel Middle

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Brooksville - Much has been said, rumored and reported about the March 24th incident at Fox Chapel Middle School involving a teacher’s comment. Since the incident, facts have been blurred with misinformation resulting in greater confusion. This report is intended to outline the facts of the situation as have come to be known over the course of investigations by the school district and law enforcement. Although the school district’s investigation is ongoing, the timeline below represents steps taken by the multiple agencies involved in the incident.

March 24 - FCMS administration reports comments that were made by a teacher to a guidance counselor. The comment was not in the presence of students as has been widely reported.

  • The district’s threat assessment was conducted by trained Safe Schools staff and the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO).
  • All investigating agencies agree the teacher did not meet criteria for imminent harm to self or others. Teacher did not qualify for Baker Act.
  • The teacher agreed to a home check and voluntarily complied with all requests.

March 27 – 29 – Teacher is removed from student contact and is not on campus at FCMS.

March 28 – As part of their practice, HCSO issues a temporary Risk Protection Order (RPO).

April 10 - Court issues final Risk Protection Order and teacher cooperates fully.

April 12 – HCSO issues a press release regarding the matter containing information not previously known to the school district regarding the RPO.

  • Department of Education contacts superintendent to review the incident and RPO criteria.
  • For the second time, the district removes the teacher from student contact and will remain so while the school district investigates the matter.

April 13 – Superintendent receives copy of the final RPO from HCSO.

April 17 - District’s investigation continues.

  • Teacher remains off campus.

Hernando School District is committed to keeping students safe and will not only review this incident, but the steps that were taken to see if any corrective action is warranted in our policies or procedures.