Controlled Parental Choice: Applications are required when a request is for initial entry of a student in a school other than his/her zoned school.

Access to applications for Controlled Parental Choice, as well as Career Technical Programs, Cambridge AICE, International Baccalaureate, and Thematic Programs when not available at the zoned school are available online during the open enrollment period which is established yearly by the School Board. Access to applications for Home School families seeking to participate in interscholastic sports at their non-zoned school are available during the open enrollment period established yearly by the School Board. Parents without a computer or Internet access may seek assistance from their nearest school, public library, or District Office.

Parents should complete an online application from January 4th through February 10th as established by the School Board. Application is available at SchoolMint Website or on the SchoolMInt app. Families must create an online account in order to submit an application. All notifications will be made through the SchoolMint program. Families will be notified of lottery results through the SchoolMint program on or around March 10, 2023.

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