5th Grade Day

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards to be covered in field trip activities:

SC.5.L.15.1 – Saw Palmetto Survey and Skulls Tell All
Describe how, when the environment changes, differences between individuals allow some plants and animals to survive and reproduce while others die or move to new locations.

SC.5.E.7.1 – Water Cycle Center
Create a model to explain the parts of the water cycle. Water can be a gas, a liquid, or a solid and can go back and forth from one state to another.

SC.5.E.7.2 – Water Cycle Center
Recognize that the ocean is an integral part of the water cycle and is connected to all of Earth’s water reservoirs via evaporation and precipitation processes.

SC.5.L.14.2 – Saw Palmetto Survey and Skulls Tell All
Compare and contrast the function of organs, and other physical structures of plants and animals, including humans.

SC.5.L.17.1 – Saw Palmetto Survey and Skulls Tell All
Compare and contrast adaptations displayed by animals and plants that enable them to survive in different environments such as life cycles variations, animal behaviors, and physical characteristics.

SS.5.G.1.2 – Saw Palmetto Survey
Use latitude and longitude to locate places.

SS.5.G.1.Pa.a – Saw Palmetto Survey
Recognize information using a selected geographic tool.

Activity Stations:

Saw Palmetto Survey
Water Cycle Center 
Skulls Tell All
Digital Scavenger Hunt
Picnic Lunch