Middle School Day

Next Generation Standards to be addressed:

SC.7.E.6.6  Identify the impact that humans have had on Earth, such as deforestation, urbanization, desertification, erosion, air and water quality, changing the flow of water.  

SC.7.L.17.1 Explain and illustrate the roles of and relationships among producers, consumers, and decomposers in the process of energy transfer in a food web.

SC.7.L.17.3  Describe and investigate various limiting factors in the local ecosystem and their impact on native populations, including food, shelter, water, space, disease, parasitism, predation, and nesting sites.

SC.6.L.15.1 Analyze and describe how and why organisms are classified according to shared characteristics with emphasis on the Linnaean system combined with the concept of Domains.

Activity Schedule:

Orientation, pretest and review procedures
Trail hike with plant and animal identification game
Macro-Invertebrate Lab learning about water quality
Picnic Lunch
Kayak trip discovering the plants and animals found in the riparian zone
Posttest and dismissal