Board approves funding for substitute pay increase

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Brooksville - On Tuesday, the Hernando School Board approved funding to increase pay rates for substitute teachers working in the school district. Starting immediately, an additional $881,000 will go toward improving substitute pay. Although substitute teachers are contracted through and paid for by Kelly Educational Services, the school board recognized that effective substitutes are instrumental in maintaining learning flow for students, especially during a time of teacher shortages.

All substitutes will see a minimum $3 per hour increase in pay and the rates will be reflected on a scale based on education level. For example, those with an Associate of Arts degree will earn $13.50 per hour and those with a Bachelor's degree will now earn $15.00 per hour.

"Whether they are day-to-day or long term, the substitute teacher is an important link in the education of our students," Superintendent John Stratton said. "By taking this step, the Board positions the school district to be an attractive option for those who are well-qualified and looking for temporary work in the most fulfilling profession."

Kelly Education recruits, trains and provides all substitute teachers and substitute paraprofessionals for Hernando Schools. In addition to increased pay, HCSD substitutes can select their own schools and have schedule flexibility, health benefits, 401k plan and bonus pay.

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