School Capacity & Concurrency

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A concurrency management system is utilized by Hernando County and the City of Brooksville to ensure development orders and permits for residential subdivisions and developments are not issued unless the necessary facilities and services, which include public schools, are available concurrently with the impacts of development. Consequently, each proposed subdivision or development must apply for a Certificate of Concurrency, issued either by Hernando County or the City of Brooksville.

In a parallel but entirely separate review, each proposed residential subdivision or development must also submit to the school district a separate School Concurrency Application. The school district will determine whether sufficient capacity is available within each school type (elementary, middle, high) to accommodate the demand created by the proposed development. The school district will then report its findings not only to the applicant, but also to the County or City for their use in determining whether a Certificate of Concurrency can be issued. It should be noted that school concurrency is not applicable to commercial developments, as these do not create a demand for student capacity.

Applicants seeking a review for school concurrency must submit a copy of the information submitted to the County or City for conditional plat or site plan approval, together with a completed School Concurrency Application (downloaded from the link below) and a check for the appropriate review fee payable to Hernando County School Board. Application packets should be mailed or otherwise delivered to the address shown below and will be processed in the order received. Applications will not be processed for review until all required documentation is received.

Hernando County School District
Facilities and Construction Department
Attention:  School Planner
8016 Mobley Road
Brooksville, FL 34601

School Concurrency Application