Out-of-Field Teachers

All Educators in Florida are monitored to ensure they meet certification and training requirements as mandated by law. Florida Statute 1012.42 requires that parents are notified when their students are assigned to an out-of-field teacher. The Department of Education acknowledges that some subjects are difficult to fill and that there are shortages of teachers in certain fields. Employing out-of-field teachers allows schools to meet the curricular needs of all our students.

An out-of-field teacher is a teacher that is qualified to teach, but holds certification in a different area than they are teaching. Teachers who are out-of-field in only ESOL or Gifted are certified in the core subject that is being taught, but are required to complete specific courses in order to provide instruction to students who are English Language Learners or identified as being Gifted. 

The lists below are the teachers who are currently instructing students that meet the criteria for parental notification under this law.  All of the teachers included on these lists are working towards completing the requirements to become certified in the appropriate area.

Teaching Out-of-Field

If you have been identified as teaching out-of-field in ESOL or Gifted, you are required to take in-service, college coursework and/or a subject area exam (if applicable) in these out-of-field areas prior to the end of the school year in which you were placed out-of-field. You must continue to complete the training each additional school year you are out-of-field in these areas until you have added the out-of-field subject to your certificate. Failure to comply may impact your future placement/assignment.

Teaching Out-of-Field - ESOL

You must complete one course within two years of the initial out-of-field date and one course each year after that.  (After completion of your first ESOL course, you must complete one course each year thereafter). ESOL training completion has strict guidelines. What do I need for ESOL?
District Add Endorsement instructions

Teaching Out-of-Field - Gifted

You must complete 120 in-service points (two district courses) and/or six (6) semester college credit hours of coursework during the school year in which you are identified with gifted students.
District Add Endorsement instructions

Teaching Out-of-Field - Content Area Teachers

If you are teaching out-of-field in any area other than the areas listed above, you must take and pass the appropriate subject area exam within the contracted year in which you were placed out-of-field.
After completion or passing the subject area exam, you must apply to have the subject area added to your certificate. You will complete the addition of the subject area by following the District Add Subject Area instructions.

Teaching Out of Field - Associate Teacher Substitutes

For further information on teaching out-of-field, see the Florida State Board of Education Regulation, Rule 6A-1.0503.