Action Plan-11th Grade

Please review the Junior Action Plan

Please review your junior checklist. This document is a comprehensive list of actions students should be taking in grade 11 based on their chosen pathway. This document also reviews all pertinant information a junior and their family should be aware of.

Consider the FSU Young Scholars Program for Juniors


  • Review the Financial Aid Checklist for Juniors
  • Consider using the "The College Tour". The team at The College Tour has one key mission - to help students and parents learn about the culture of campuses across the USA through the voices of current college students. Our free resource includes classes to help prepare high school students for the university experience, as well as full length episodes on featured colleges. This link will take you straight to the “Core Class” which walks through the four pillars of finding the right college for students: Location, Campus Culture, College Type and Majors.  It takes about 30 minutes for students to complete. We think it’s a great way for students to pinpoint the characteristics they’re looking for in a school. And of course, it is completely free. We also wanted to share a helpful spreadsheet with you- it's a list of all the current colleges featured in The College Tour TV series with a link to the college's tour page on our website.
  • Consider subscribing to the "Admission Beat" on Apple, Spotify, Overcast or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. New episodes air each Tuesday morning.
    • Topics include: 
      • “news you can use” to high school juniors and their families, in particular, at each step on the pathway to college. 
      • “Easing the Stress of the Search.” It includes steps that applicants and their families can take to acknowledge sources of anxiety, and thoughts on managing them.
      • “Your Campus Visit Roadmap,”
      • “Imagining Your College List,”
      • and “Taking an ‘Existential Selfie,’” which is an exercise that can reveal values and priorities, as well as guiding questions. 
      • episodes will focus on financial aid guidance for seniors as they receive admissions offers in the spring, a behind-the-scenes look at the application reading and selection process, and the experience of applying to (and attending) American colleges and universities from outside the U.S.
        • Although this podcast is produced by Dartmouth, it is not a podcast about admission to Dartmouth, it is for any grade 11 and 12 student.

Parent and Student Handouts