Graduation Requirements

As far as diploma options go we have two options:

  • The traditional 4 year 24 credit diploma and
  • the Accelerated 18 credit diploma which can be completed in 3 years.

Both diplomas require the same core classes:

  • 4 English
  • 4 Math-to include Algebra 1 and Geometry
  • 3 Science- to include Biology
  • 4 Social Studies- World History, US History, Economics and Governement (each 1 semester)
  • a Fine/Practical or Performing Art
  • a Financial Literacy class for class of 2027 and beyond
  • and passing a reading/writing and math graduation test
  • and all while maintaining a 2.00 cumulative gpa by the end of senior year, which is a C average. 

Yes, that is right for both diplomas, D’s will not cut it in high school, you must consistently earn Cs or better. 

Regarding your graduation exams, You will take your math graduation test at the end of your Algebra 1 course and you will take your reading/writing graduation test at the end of English 2. 

Now, where they differ is:
-the 24 credit requires a health and PE class and the 18 does not. 
-the 24 requires 8 elective credits and the 18 requires 3. 
-the 24 requires you complete an online class and the 18 doesn’t. 

So you may be asking:
How do I choose my diploma option? 
Well to over simplify it, If your destination after graduation is workforce, military, vocational school, technical college, state college for a 2 year degree or the 2+2 pathway (where you complete your first two years at a state college and then transfer to a university for 2 more years) then either the 18 or 24 diploma will do.  However students who are likely to go to state college or vocational college are still encouraged to remain enrolled for 4 years so they can particiapte in our dual enrollment programs and attend college for free while in high school (refer to our Dual Enrollment pages).

If your destination after graduation is directly into a university then the 24 is best suited for you. This is because the universities will expect to see you take consistently rigorous classes, becoming progressively more and more rigorous and challenging each year including honors, then Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes and maybe even some IB classes. Also, the universities will expect that you are earning As and Bs. But…. If a student takes very rigorous course work, earns high grades and gets great act/sat scores and that student earns an 18 credit diploma, they too can go directly to a university.

Disclaimer: this is a brief overview of the diploma options. Do not rely solely on this information to make your decision. Please see your school counselor to make an informed decisiona about which pathway is best for you based on circumstance like age, number of retentions, goals after high school etc.