Course Request Cards

Welcome Incoming & Current Eagles!

Please fill out the following form to request your classes for the 2023-2024 school year! 

Peer Crew Application: Students, if you would like to be considered for participation in our PEER Crew program, indicate so on our course request card AND submit this application.

  • OJT Manual- this manial outlines all the rules and expectations for OJT students. OJT is only open to Juniors and Seniors.

Graduation Requirements:

Students may view their progress towards meeting their graduation requirements in Skyward.

  • 4 credits in English
  • 4 credits in Math
    • 1 credit in Algebra 1 
    • 1.00 credit in Geometry
    • 2.00 additional Math credits
  • 3 credits in Science
    • 1 credit in Biology
    • 2 additional Science credits
  • 3 credits in Social Studies.
    • 1.00 credit in World History 
    • 1.00 credit United States History 
    • 0.50 credit in Economics (1 Semester)
    • 0.50 credit in Government. (1 Semester)
  • 1 credit in a performing, practical or Fine Art  or CTE class
  • 1 credit of Health and PE
    • Personal Fitness and a PE Class OR
    • HOPE/Health Opportunities and Physical Education, both semesters OR
    • Personal Fitness and Marching Band OR
    • Two years of ROTC and Personal Fitness OR
    • 2 Seasons of Varsity or Junior Varsity athletics.
    • Not required on the 18 credit ACCELL Diploma
  • Electives
    • 8.0  credits on the 24 credit diploma
    • 3.00 credits on the 18 credit diploma
    • Classes of 2027 and beyond must complete a Personal Financial Literacy class, 1 Semester / 0.50 elective value
  • Maintain a 2.00 unweighted GPA

*** Online Course is no longer required for any diploma option

Students must pass Grade 10 FAST Reading  Assessment with Level 3 or higher for graduation. Students will take this throughout the year in grade 10 or during the Grade 10 ELA class, but it is the MAY test administration that must be passed. If a student does not pass the Grade 10 FAST Reading assessment in May, they will continue to be retested in grades 11 and 12 or  students may also use an alternative test score (concordant score) from the ACT Reading or CLT Reading or SAT EBRW to earn their diplmoa.

Students must pass the B.E.S.T. Algebra 1 EOC (Level 3 or higher) for graduation.  Students may also use an alternative test score (concordant score). These include a concordant score on the PSAT Math, SAT Math, ACT Math, CLT Math or level 3 on the B.E.S.T Geometry EOC to earn their diploma.