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  • When you register to test, be sure to indicate which university(ies) you want your scores sent to.  Universities will not accept SAT scores from the high school transcript.
  • Be sure to send your SAT scores to atleast 1 Florida University so that your scores go into the "repository" which is how the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program gets access to your score(s).
  • If additional universities or colleges need your scores, you will need to request SAT send your scores by logging into your College Board account.
  • When you register for your SAT and need to upload yout photo. - apparently new iPhones use the HEIC format and College Board does not accept this formatting for the photos..."If you want to submit a photo from an iPhone or iPad, make sure to change your camera settings so your photos are saved as JPEGs, not HEICs. Go to Settings > Camera > Formats > Select “Most Compatible.”

SAT Accomodations: 

  • Students with disabilites, accomodations on College Board exams (PSAT, SAT and AP exams) are not automatic.
  • You have to independently apply for them.
  • Please navigate to our testing accomodations webpage for the steps/process.

Access test prep materials:

  • Free SAT Tutoring with Schoolhouse:, also founded by Sal Khan, is running free, 4-week SAT Bootcamps to help you prepare for the SAT. Join these virtual bootcamps to develop your SAT skills with a certified peer tutor.
  • College Board's Bluebook app on your student device contains full-length practice tests. 
    • Sign in to the Bluebook™ app, and head to the Practice and Prepare section.
    • Full-length practice tests are timed like real tests, except you can move forward from one section to the next before time expires. Full-length practice tests are scored. After you complete a practice test in Bluebook, your scores and custom link to review answers – and corresponding rationales and practice resources – on Khan Academy will be available on My Practice. Full-length practice tests are available for: SAT & PSAT.  
    • If you test with accommodations, you can select your accommodation when setting up the practice test and see how it will work on test day.
  • Khan Academy has continued their partnership with College Board to support students as they prepare for taking the SAT digitally and is updating their SAT preparation experience. Khan no longer supports linking of College Board accounts or importing existing scores.
    • Students will be able to use Khan Academy to prepare for the new Digital SAT through two Official Digital SAT Prep courses:

Reasons to take the SAT:

  • If you are in the 11th grade, and you plan on attending a university, you should take the SAT in your Junior year of high school. This will give you time to retest shall you want to improve your score and also provide you a score for university admissions over the summer and into the fall of senior year.

Dual Enrollment

  • If you plan on being a DE student, you must socre college ready on the ACT, SAT or PERT on a minimum of the Reading and Writing sections. Scoring college ready on the Reading and Writing provide you the test score elgibility to take upto 4 DE classes. Subsequent to which, you must also score college ready on the ACT, SAT or PERT math. Also, although a college ready math score is not required for your initial eligibility, you must still have a ACT, SAT or PERT math score on file to to take any DE classes. For full DE eligibilty information and more please view the Dual Enrollment page.

Graduation Test for Reading

  • In order to graduate, students must pass the Grade 10 FSA Reading or the ACT Reading and English (combined average score) or SAT Evidenced Based Reading and Writing (EBRW).

Bright Futures Scholarships

  • Depending on the scholarship, students must earn specified scores on the ACT or SAT Reading and Math portions only. For details, see our Bright Futures page.

Checking your PSAT and SAT scores

  • Usually scores will be available 6-8 weeks after you take your PSAT or SAT online. Students will receive an email from the College Board that their scores are available.  For 10th graders, the email will go to their school email account.  For 11th grade PSAT and 12th grade SAT, the email will go to whatever email address you put on your answer sheet, if any.  If you use the link in the email and you have not already set up a College Board account, you can do it then.
  • For 11th & 12th graders who did not provide an email address, you will still be able to access scoryour scores through your College Board account.  If you don't have an account, you can set one up and then access your scores.
  • Here is a link to a webpage with more info about getting scores for the PSAT:
  • Here is a link to a webpage with more info about getting scores for the SAT online: