Be Prepared. See You There.


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Topics include: 

  • "News you can use” to high school juniors and their families, in particular, at each step on the pathway to college. 
  • “Easing the Stress of the Search.” It includes steps that applicants and their families can take to acknowledge sources of anxiety, and thoughts on managing them.
  • “Your Campus Visit Roadmap,”
  • “Imagining Your College List,”
  • and “Taking an ‘Existential Selfie,’” which is an exercise that can reveal values and priorities, as well as guiding questions. 
  • episodes will focus on financial aid guidance for seniors as they receive admissions offers in the spring, a behind-the-scenes look at the application reading and selection process, and the experience of applying to (and attending) American colleges and universities from outside the U.S.
  • Although this podcast is produced by Dartmouth, it is not a podcast about admission to Dartmouth, it is for any grade 11 and 12 student.