The Common App, Black Common App & SSAR

  • The Common Application is a single online college application form used by over 900 colleges and universities. Instead of filling out the same general information—like your address, GPA, and extracurriculars— a dozen times, you only have to do it once.
  • The Black Common Application-is also a single online college application form used by Historically Black Colleges and Universites (HBCU's).
  • Be sure to complete your Common App and/or Black Common App by each universities deadline.
  • Once your application is submitted besure to create your SSAR (Self-Reported Academic Record) account. You will then need to link your SSAR account to the universites that you are applying to.
    • When completing your SSAR, you will need to have a copy of your high school transcript to refer to.
    • Enter your grades for all courses completed in grades 9 through 12 or even grade 7 or 8 if you took any courses that earned you high school credits. For some students these classes could include Algebra 1, Geometry, Physcial Science, Biology, World History, a CTE course.
    • Lists all courses and associated grades that have been attempted, or will be attempted, for high school and/or college credit.
    • Enter your grades EXACTLY as they appear on your high school transcript.
    • If you have not yet received your grades for senior year courses, please indicate your courses as 'In-Progress'.
      • DO Enter your grade 12 semester 1 and semester 2 final grades when they are available in January and then May.
    • Do not apply weight to your grades
    • Do not convert your grades into another format.
    • Do not average your grades.
    • If your schedule changes, you must immediately update your SSAR. To make changes to the SSAR, simply log in to the SSAR website with the email address and password used to create your original SSAR. Additionally, if you are an accepted student considering a senior schedule changes please contact the admissions office before making a schedule change since it may negatively impact your acceptance to the university.

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