Hours For Bright Futures Scholarship

  • Option 1-Volunteer Service Hours: Forms Here
  • Steps:
  • Option 2- Paid Work Experience Hours-
    • Step 1. Complete the Work Experience Form and submit to your school counselor 
      • Florida Academic Scholarship-100 Paid Work Experience Hours Required
      • Florida Medallion Scholarship- 100 Paid Work Experience Hours Required
      • Florida Gold Seal Cape and Gold Seal Vocational Scholarships-100 Paid Work Experience Hours Required
  • List of Pre-approved Locations for Volunteer Service
  • To view your total number of Volunteer Service/Community Service Hours or Work Experience Hours you may log into your student Skyward portal and look under "Student Information".  It will only display hours IF*** you have hours on file.

Quick Facts About Volunteer Service:

  • FACT 1: Volunteer Service is not required to graduate. 
  • FACT 2: Volunteer Service OR Paid Work Experience hours ARE required for the Bright Futures Scholarships.
  • FACT 3: Students must be prepared to state the social problem and through papers, essays or presentations evaluate and reflect on his or her experience if utilizing the volunteer service option.

Be sure to read to volunteer service forms, rules and requirements. Always get your counselors approval prior to starting your volunteer service hours. If your activities do not meet the parameters set forth, they will not be applied to the volunteer service hours requirement for Bright Futures.

Quick Facts About Paid Work Experience Hours:

  • Effective July, 2022, students may utilize paid work experience hours to meet the hours requirement for the Bright Futures Scholarship Program.  All of the Bright Futures Scholarships require 100 paid work experience hours in leau of the volunteer service hours.
  • It should be noted that students may not combine volunteer hours and paid work experience hours to meet their scholarship's hours requirement. The student must either complete the full required amount of volunteer service hours OR the paid work experience hours).
  • Student's utilizing the paid work experience hours must indicate on the service hours form that the hours are paid work experience.
  • OPPORTUNITY:  Marine Corps League Detachment, 708:       Good afternoon; last year your students helped make the Marine Corps League Detachment, 708 Halloween trail a huge success. With the proceeds, we were able to help many veterans, disabled vets and children in the community. We can’t thank you enough. The Halloween trail this year will start September 15 and run through October 28 every Friday and Saturday night from 6 AM until 10 PM. If you have any students that would be interested in volunteering our meetings are going to be held this Saturday. August 19. 2023 and August 25, 2023 from 9 AM until 11am. Once again thank you so much for all your help we really do appreciate it. Have a great weekend. Cathy Bravici 352 403-7005.