Work Programs for students with IEP's or 504 Plans

Do you have an IEP or 504? If so, sign up to speak with a vocational rehab specialist at your school. Vocational Rehab provides eligible students with the following services:

  • Career Exploration Counseling

  • Work Readiness Training

  • Self-Advocacy Training

  • Postsecondary Educational Counseling

  • Community-Based Work Experiences

  • Postsecondary Education/Training***  fancy words for they could pay for a vocational degree like mechanics, HVAC, Cosmetolgy or courses at PHSC.

  • It is important to know that VR/vocational rehab is an entity that offers services to people with a broad range of disabilities. These disabilites can range from a learning disability, developmental disability, mental health condition to physical disabilites (like the loss of use of an arm, hand, leg), diabetis or kideny disease. If you have a disabiity that is in your mind "minimal" do not not assume that you will not qualify, you just may.  VR also offers services to adults, they commonly help veterans with training too.

Learn more by visiting the VR youth training webpage.  To request VR services, you must complete the VR referral/application and give this to your ESE case manager or School Counselor in guidance at SHS.