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    • When you register to test, be sure to indicate which university(ies) you want your scores sent to.  Universities will not accept ACT scores from the high school transcript.

    • Be sure to send your ACT scores to atleast 1 Florida University so that your scores go into the "repository" which is how the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program gets access to your score(s).

    • If additional universities or colleges need your scores, you will need to request ACT send your scores by logging into your ACT account.

  • ACT Test Dates
    ACT Prep with Kaplan Test Prep is free to students for 1 year who register to take the ACT with a ACT Fee Waiver. Follow up with your school counselor to see if you qualify for a fee waiver.

  • ACT Accomodations-  Students with disabilities must APPLY for accomodations on the ACT.  Please refer to our testing accomodations page for steps/process.

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Reasons to take the ACT:

If you are in the 11th grade, and you plan on attending a university, you should take the ACT in your Junior year of high school. This will give you time to retest shall you want to improve your score and also provide you a score for university admissions over the summer and into the fall of Senior year.

Dual Enrollment: If you plan on being a DE student, you must score college ready on the ACT, SAT or PERT on a minimum of the Reading and Writing sections. You must take the the math section, but do not need to pass for initial limited DE eligibility. Scoring college ready on the Reading and Writing only provides you the test score elgibility to take up to 4 DE classes. Subsequent to which, you must also score college ready on the ACT, SAT or PERT math. Also, although a college ready math score is not required for your initial eligibility, you must still have a ACT, SAT or PERT math score on file to to take any DE classes. For full DE eligibilty information and more, please view the Dual Enrollment page.

Graduation Test for Reading: In order to graduate, students must pass the Grade 10 FSA Reading or the ACT Reading and English or SAT Evidenced Based Reading and Writing.

Bright Futures Scholarships: Depending on the scholarship, students must earn specified scores on the ACT Reading and Math portions only. For details, see our Bright Futures page.