Registrar: Registration Forms & Req. Documents, Submit Records /Transcript Requests

Student Registration

1. Book an appointment to register, link coming soon. Please have ready, the previous school of enrollment's name, address, phone, fax and email for the records department/registrar.

2. Complete the required registration paperwork. You may print, complete by hand, scan and then email to us (How: TINY Scanner Tool) or save the file and complete on any device then just email back (how you ask?). Documents can be emailed to however if you are unable to email them you may bring your completed paper work and required documents to your registration meeting.

3. Have your student complete their course request card, linked on our Springstead Guidance homepage beneath the school counselor photos.

Students enrolling from Puerto Rico

If you do not have your transcripts we can request them for you through a website at the Department of Education in Puerto Rico. Also, for your convenience below is the check list and forms needed to register or you can come into the Guidance Office to pick up a packet.

Estudiantes matriculados desde Puerto Rico

Si no tiene sus transcripciones, podemos solicitarlas a través de un sitio web en el Departamento de Educación de Puerto Rico. Además, para su conveniencia a continuación se encuentra la lista de verificación y los formularios necesarios para registrarse o puede ingresar a la Oficina de Orientación (Guidance) para recoger un paquete.

Notice of Fraudulent Documentation

Fraudulent documentation as defined is any information provided by the parent or other entity that falsely represents the parent’s place of residence for school of enrollment. Whoever knowingly makes a false statement in writing with intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his or her official duties, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable by law (F.S.837.06) or guilty of perjury by false written declaration, a felony of the third degree (F.S. 92.525).


Note: Not all colleges/universities accept emailed transcripts even though they have an email. University applicants (students) should call the college or university to confirm the best way for our office to send your transcript.

Current students - you do not have to pay for your transcript, request your transcript here

Former students - less than 5 years - request your transcript here

"Your transcript will be mailed when we receive payment.  The $2.00 charge for your transcript can be paid through RevTrak.

Former students  - over 5 yearsrequest your transcripts here, as we do not have your records.

*** Warning*** If we send a student transcript to a college/university and the student has not submitted an application to that college/university, the school will not keep or even review your transcript and you will need to request another transcript be sent after you apply.  To avoid this, please be sure you have an open application on file to any school prior to requesting we send transcripts.