Drop and Add:

Student's and parents. Read the following information and then proceed to the drop and add link at the bottom of this page.

Drop and Add Deadlines:

opens 1/4/2023

closes 1/17/2023

Counselors will have all FEASIBLE drop & add requests (student and teacher) completed by 1/20/2023.


Can I have a schedule change?

If the following apply, the answer is NO.

"My science teacher is too hard."

"I want to change my lunch/study hall because my friends are in another one."

"I did not fill out an elective card and I do not like the electives I received."

"I chose an elective and now I changed my mind."

"I want to move the same class to another period."

Yes, you may submit a drop and add for the following reasons:

"My schedule is missing a graduation requirement."

"I have the same class twice on my schedule."

"I have nothing scheduled a certain period."

"I already earned credit for a class that is on my schedule."

"I am scheduled for 11th grade English but I am only in 9th grade."

"I did not get into any of my choices from my elective card."

Students should only submit their request once.

Multiple requests will result in errors to your schedule. Students need to understand that 1 drop/add request can result in the change to more that one period. If unhappy with the result we do not change schedules back “the way they were before.” We simply can not, the seat you left is already occupied and you can’t fit back where you were.

Why an online process?

If students were to come to counselors face to face, in most instances your request would not be feasible due to no seats being available. BUT, when you follow the online drop add process, we check multiple time a day for the entire drop and add period for opportunities to satisfy your request. We can also “match” requests to make things happen. For example: Mrs Gunter may have a student who wants out of Drawing 1 for Rotc 1. Mrs. Reyes may have a student who wants out of PE for Drawing. We can drop Mrs. Gunter’s student from Drawing and slide Mrs. Reyes’ student into that spot. We understand that the idea of immediate gratification is appealing, but following our online drop and add process will result in the most granted requests.