PERT Prep & Registration 

If you want to take the PERT to qualify for Dual Enrollment (DE) for Spring, or Summer DE please sign up to take the test when the sign up link is posted on the SHS Dual Enrollment at PHSC webpage.

Who needs to take this test?

  • Any DE student or expecting DE student who has expiring PERT test scores ~your last test was 2 or more years ago
  • Anyone who has not taken the PERT and would like to take DE classes.
  • Anyone who needs the math portion to continue on in DE (you have been maxed out at 4 classes with reading and writing qualifying scores)

Who does not need to take this test?

  • Students who registered for DE classes in Fall 2020 without PERT test scores due to the COVID exemption do not need to take the PERT. You have been grandfathered in.
  • Students who are not planning to take DE classes this Spring (January), or Summer.
  • Students who want to take DE but already have qualifying test scores from a previous PERT, SAT or ACT

The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) is a computer adaptive test which measures a student's level of preparedness for college level courses. There are three sections to the PERT, Reading, Writing and Math.

What to expect? 

The PERT test has 30 questions per section, so 90 questions total. Each section has 25 scored questions and 5 field test questions.

How is the PERT Scored? 

The PERT test is adaptive, meaning the questions the test taker encounters depends on whether or not they answer questions correctly. If you answer the questions correctly, the questions will get harder and to the contrary, answer incorrectly and the questions get easier. To demonstrate "college readiness" you want to make sure that you answer the hard questions correctly. The harder the questions, the better you are doing.

Why do students take the PERT? 

Some student take the PERT for Dual Enrollment eligibility.

How can I (or my child) prepare for the PERT? 

There are many online resources, simply google "PERT prep". Some resources to prepare are below.  Also, SHS offers a PERT Math bootcamp throughout the year for students who have not passed the ALG I EOC.

How long does the PERT test take?

The test is not a "timed" test, but on average students require 1 hour per section. So in total, for all three sections, most students require three hours.

Resources to Prepare: