Scholarship Websites/Resources


The US Department of Labor has over 7,500 scholarships posted.

Be sure to be working towards your Bright Futures Scholarships

Complete your Financial Aid Profile

If you are working, check with your employeer for tuition reimbursement.

Check with your parents' employeers to see if they offer scholarships to employee children.

If you are a military family, research available scholarships.

Utilize the College Board Scholarship Search

Research your career of interest to learn if there are any student loan forgiveness programs for your intended major. (Public Service Loan Forgiveness and National Health Services Corps)

Learn about military scholarship programs, like the Coast Guard Academy, the Navy Nuclear Engineering Program and Naval Reserve Officer Training Programs.

Students in Foster Care may reach out to their future college's foster care student advisor for questions or assistance with enrollment. Students in foster care or who have been adopted** may aso qualify for tuition and fee exemptions. You may review the eligibility info and contact information here.  

Additional scholarship resource for foster children and children who have been adopted.

Trade Schools with Scholarships

Start finding scholarships now: